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Your new puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, free of any communicable diseases at the time of sale.  Your puppy will be examined & vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian.  The buyer agrees to take puppy to a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 3 business days of purchase for a "Well Puppy Visit" and to validate good health.  Illnesses not covered within the first 7 business days are dehydration, diarrhea or hypoglycemia as these can be prevented or easily corrected.
In addition, puppies are born with worms, so your new puppy has been wormed every 2 weeks with panacur.  Some worms can lay dormant and can show up when a puppy is stressed.  These can be common conditions when a puppy moves to a new home.  Again, easily corrected. We provide a 1-year life threatening genetic health guarantee, in which problem results in death. Problem must be presented in writing by a licensed vet and may need to be examined for an additional opinion.  In the result of a problem, puppy will be replaced in the same manner with one of like sex and quality when puppy is available.  No cash refunds will be given.  All sales are final.  Seller will not be responsible for any type of veterinarian bill or medication for puppy.  We do not quarantee against Parvo, Corona, Coccidiosis, Giardia, Hernias or Collapsed Trachealm , Hypoglycemia and Patellar Luxation since these may involve trauma or environmental issues.

​The buyer's responsibility:

The buyer agrees to provide  proper care for the puppy.  To include:  Proper nutrition, vet care, maintain immunizations, grooming, and house the puppy properly  indoors.  Furthermoore, the buyer agrees to give the puppy proper physical and emotional care and welfare.

Signed:________________________________________(seller)          Date:____________________
Signed:________________________________________(buyer)         Date:____________________  

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